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    Contact Us

    American Printing

    2909 Syene Road, Madison, WI 53713

    Phone: 608.271.6544

    Toll-Free: 800.369.2544

    Fax: 608.271.3475

    Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Vance Kapalczynski - President/CEO - Email

    Ajay Lamb - VP of Technology - Email

    Therese Gulbransen - VP of Sales & Marketing -Email

    Barbara Waters - Human Resources Manager - Email

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    Sales Team

    Therese Gulbransen
    Therese Gulbransen
    VP of Sales and Marketing

    Samantha Engelhart
    Samantha Engelhart
    Account Executive

    Nicole Jenkins
    Nicole Jenkins
    Business Development Director

    Nicholas Ronge
    Nicholas Ronge
    Account Executive

    Annie Thym
    Annie Thym
    Account Executive









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    The evolution of digital media has caused many to vilify the printing industry. Phrases like "Consider the environment before printing this email" have misled the general population into feeling guilty for using paper.

    In reality, responsible printing has a positive impact on the environment, on consumers and on the economy.

    Print Evolves. The print and paper industries continue to improve their relationships with the environment by refining processes, products and energy use. They also contribute to the four million trees planted daily in the U.S.

    Print Engages. Direct mail and print marketing provide tangible elements in a digital world. That's why 73% of consumers prefer to receive business information by mail rather than email.

    Print Employs. Printing remains as one of the top 50 industries for employment in the U.S. More than 910,000 Americans work in print.






    Recycle sign

    Post-Consumer Fiber

    Fiber that has been recovered from consumers through recycling programs.

    Post-Industrial Fiber

    Fiber that has been recovered from industrial applications through recycling programs.

    FSC Logo

    FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)

    FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

    FSC Chain-of Custody Certification: a documented control system ensuring that certified products can be tracked all the way back to the FSC-certified forest or verified recycled source of origin.

    FSC License Code: a unique number assigned to a certificate holder authorizing use of the FSC labels. American Printing Company's license code is FSC C028479

    FSC-Certified Product Labels

    FSC 100% - products containing 100% material from FSC-certified forests

    FSC Recycled - products containing only recycled fiber

    FSC Mix - products containing a combination of material from FSC-certified forests, FSC Controlled Wood or eligible recycled fiber

    Chlorine Free Logo

    Chlorine Free Product Association

    The CFPA promotes sustainable manufacturing practices, implementing advanced technologies free of chlorine chemistry. The CFPA has no financial interest in any manufacturer of the products it certifies. Paper mills with CFPA certifications have made a commitment to not use chlorine when they bleach the paper pulp to make it white.

    Totally Chlorine Free (TCF): paper manufactured from virgin fiber without the use of chlorine

    Processed Chlorine Free (PCF): recycled paper manufactured without the use of chlorine

    Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF): pulp that is bleached with chlorine dioxide (instead of elemental chlorine) to whiten the pulp. Chlorine dioxide does not produce detectable levels of dioxin in mill effluence.

    Bio Gas Energy Logo


    Paper manufactured using methane gas produced from the decomposition of waste in a landfill site. Biogas, a sustainable and local energy, is transported to the mill by pipeline and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


    With qualifying papers, these and other logos are available for use on your printed materials. Ask us for details.



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